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I am Nobilis Brand Calibration and Atelier

Brand Calibration™

The art of selling more...

 In simple terms Brand Calibration™ by I am Nobilis is our unique approach that helps brands to grow, focus their creative and become more responsive to the ever-changing market.


This refines your strategy as a brand, the story that you tell and delivers it with an exacting level of detail to delight your customers.

Creating destination brands

'Whether it's a grand gesture of architecture, a digital retail experience, the allure of a photoshoot or the ceremony of a unwrapping a desired product... Sometimes it's the smallest detail that can leave the longest lasting impression.'

‘Attention to details’

Featured projects



Rebrands are expensive

Brand Calibration™ is 'not' selling clients an expensive new identity. 


Our unique approach intuitively combines brand strategy, consumer understanding, marketing, creative, digital, art direction, interiors and importantly ongoing content creation.

An holistic approach

This helps our clients to create ‘best-in-class’ brands and retail experiences.

Brand Calibration™ gives inspiration, respects heritage, creates narrative and ultimately saves cost.

Our methodology helps brands both large and small, new and established.

Let’s discuss how we can help your brand...

I am Nobilis Brand Calibration
Founded in 2018, I am Nobilis is a niché brand agency born from more than 25 years international experience. We have been fortunate to work with some of the world's most influential brands and individuals including British Airways, Raffles, Selfridges, Cambridge Audio plus many boutique luxury brands.
We offer a full range of strategic and creative services tailored for the needs of every client.
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