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An attitude for altitude

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

My journey with the 'World's Favourite Airline' began many years ago at Davies/Baron before it became Futurebrand, when Saatchi had movie scale budgets and Concorde was the favoured mode of commute for the privileged few. My first projects were BA First and Club, stylish mixes of luxury material and initiatives.

Through to 'Wellbeing in the Air' which themed to health with a mix of good living advice and the complex strategy project of ESPACE, we defining the entire 'on-ground experience' world wide from T5 to a hut on a remote atoll.

Hopefully BA one day will recapture some of the spirit of the past and again become the bastion it once was. Flying is still chic if done well, be it to a far away destination for a top level meeting or to have a cocktail on an exotic rooftop. I wish one day flying will become a glamorous affair again. In the mean time, I still dress well to travel and my luggage matches!


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