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Eggs, Mr Scott?

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Good morning Miss Lee, Mr Scott. The perfectly poised maître d' greeted and nodded gracefully as we entered the grand dining room. He glided us to our table far away for the madding crowd of Chinese intent on devouring the inclusive fare of buffet archipelago. We were presented with a morning delight. 'Mr Scott, our chef thought you might enjoy this'. The cloche was raised to reveal truffled eggs with pumpernickel roti sitting on even more truffle infused creme.

In the midst of stress of 'family business' trip via Jakarta we took refuge at the Ritz Carlton. During our short undercover sojourn (read brand experience critique) we were treated to the delight of the perfectly appointed suites and spa.

In the true luxury world, where the smallest subtlety is in the 'vanity of wishes', even our high-honed skills were challenged to improve their already impressive offerings.

A haven of tranquility in the traffic hell in one of the world's most populated city.

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