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The subtle art of convergence

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Take a step back and think about digital. It’s actually very simple. Information, experienced through a device. The hard bit is that information is so very complex, in so many different forms for so many people.

Change is the only constant – from the devices, the emergent behavioural algorithms, blockchain, security and things not dreamt of yet. Whatever they are must be of use. Colour, photography, motion graphics and copy is common to all, so it’s how to create a digital presence that has added value for the brand. Today, most brands inhabit a place in the physical and digital world, therefore experiential convergence is key.

Sometimes it arty, radical and disruptive, other times something beautiful and luxurious.

Each has it own unique ‘design’ parameters but need to be intuitive, content filtered managed and spontaneous especially true in media and fashion. Even the most visually spirited get tired using very complicated UX and UI. Digital gives brands and designers unparalleled scope to create. Carefully orchestrated it can bring alive amazing experiences.

When executed well, Digital is active brand enhancer and enabler, a brand ambassador, a membership, a convincing word of mouth, increasing longevity and reason to return.

‘The subtle art of convergence’ By I am Nobilis.

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